Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monday was a beautiful day with bright sunny skies and warm temps.  Following breakfast John went off to wood carvers while I did a few little chores around the house.  After a short carving session, we headed to the Sirloin Stockade in Del Rio for lunch to celebrate Lois (83) and Chuck's (85) birthdays along with 22 other folks from the fort.  Once the festivities were over, we headed to Wal Mart for some grocery shopping and returned home in time to head off to the RV park for a game of washers.

 Lloyd, John, and John B. visiting while
waiting for their turn to play

Tuesday was another busy beautiful day.  I played golf with Tootie and Linda while John hit the course with Rodger, John B. and Paul.
I finished up just in time to head into town for a haircut and then we headed over to Rodger and Tootie's for a social gathering.  It was then back home for a little rest and then back to the RV park for potluck and cards.

Our weather took a turn to the chilly side on Wednesday, so it was back to long pants and sweatshirts.  John played golf in the morning with the men and in the afternoon we went back once again to the RV park for another fun activity.  The event consisted of individual and team competitions.  Thunderstorms and heavy rains moved in overnight and lasted all day today.  We spent the day watching some recorded shows and baking.  Friday is suppose to be a little better weather-wise.

John assisted in setting the targets back up

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunny Day

John and I overslept this morning, so we had to take our walk on the streets around the golf course as several players were already up and out playing at 8 a.m.  Following breakfast, we got cleaned up and headed off to church.  We attended the Baptist church last Sunday and really enjoyed the service, so we decided to worship there again this morning.  Our friends Nancy and Randy also joined us.  After the service 12 of us went to clubhouse for lunch where we all enjoyed good food and shared lots of laughs.

Since it was such a beautiful day, we played nine holes this afternoon with Rodger, Tootie, and Paul.  Even though there was a playoff game on TV, we decided we couldn't pass up such a nice day to stay inside.  We got home just in time to see the last three minutes of the game.  My condolences go out to our son-in-law and grandkids who are Packer fans--I'm sure there were some tears in Wyoming this afternoon.

Tootie teeing off on 6

Looking across Fairway 7 

The Clubhouse

This evening we went to Movie Night at the RV park and watched "The Monument Men" which told the story of how art was rescued from the Nazis during the end of the second world war.  That concluded our first busy day of the week.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finally, Sunshine and Warmer Temps

It's hard to believe that we have been here in Texas for over two months and are nearing the half way point of our stay.  Where does the time go?  The Winter Texans are back in full force and our calendar is full of activities.  Our weather has finally begun to improve over the last couple of days--cloudy skies have given way to sunshine and warmer temps--which makes being outside much more enjoyable. 

Even though the weather was on the chilly side earlier in the week, I did manage to play a round of golf Tuesday afternoon with Kathy, Linda, and Ginny.  We were so bundled up it was hard to swing the golf clubs.  That evening we headed over to the RV park for potluck and cards--both of us were losers this week. 

Wednesday morning was quite chilly, but nine guys braved the elements to play the front nine.  I stayed inside all day keeping toasty warm and reading a new mystery on my Kindle.  Following supper, we headed over to the RV park kitchen where we had a presentation by a couple of border partrol agents.  Mary Ellen had arranged the evening which was well attended by 50 or so folks.  Even though questions were submitted prior to the meeting, many in attendance had more questions about the border partol and what is happening locally. I think everyone left with a much greater appreciation of what these men do to keep us safe.

Thursday's weather was a little better, but still on the chilly side with strong winds.  We played couples' golf and were teamed up with Wallace and Lou.  Everyone of us played lousy golf, so we ended up out of the money.  Yesterday the weather was just beautiful and we headed out in the morning to golf with Paul.  We were bundled up at first, but as we moved around the course, we began shedding jackets and sweatshirts and ended up in just tee shirts.  Golfing was much more enjoyable in the warm sunshine.

Our nice weather continued today.  This morning John and I went to the RV park for the Saturday breakfast and after we returned home went for our usual walk around the golf course.  We played 18 holes today with John and Paul and then spent a quiet evening watching a movie and several favorite TV shows.  Next week promises to be a busy one celebrating birthdays and attending the usual activities.


Monday, January 12, 2015

The Cold Continues

The cold wet weather of Friday night continued into Saturday, so after having breakfast at the RV park, we decided to head to Del Rio for a little shopping therapy.  John and I hit the mall where we purchased some new socks and a couple of shirts from the "Sale" racks.  From there we stopped at Wendy's for some lunch and went on to Wal Mart for a few grocery items.  We returned home in time to watch some of the NFL playoff games and then spent the evening playing cards with Tim and Mary Ellen.

Sunday morning our friend Gene Bevins was baptized, so we attended the First Baptist Church with Gene's family and friends.  Following the service we all went out for lunch at the clubhouse.  With the weather still very chilly, we spent the afternoon watching Dallas get beat by the Packers (sorry, Ralph).  John did venture out for a few holes of golf, but I decided to stay inside where it was toasty warm.  It was movie night at the RV park, so around 7 p.m. we headed over and watched "The Bucket List".

The sun finally came out today and it was cold, but clear, when we took our morning walk.  John headed off to wood carvers after breakfast while I spent the morning doing laundry.  This afternoon we headed back over to the RV park for Washers and ended up winning a couple of games.  When we started playing, the weather was fairly decent, but it wasn't long before the winds came up and the temps started dropping once again.  Cold weather is on tap for the next couple of days, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to determine if the ladies will be playing golf.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Feels Like Winter

Last week the weather here was cold and rainy for three straight days which kept most folks housebound and pretty grumpy.  The sun finally came out over the weekend, but now we're back to the cold stuff.

Saturday morning we headed over to the RV park for breakfast and then took a quick walk around the golf course.  In the afternoon we played golf with Tootie and Rodger.  We attended church on Sunday morning and after the service went out for lunch with four other couples.  Since the better weather was still holding, we played another round of golf and then headed over to the RV park for movie night.

Following breakfast on Monday, John headed off to wood carvers while I took care of the laundry and a few other household chores.
We played washers in the afternoon and both of us finished up in the money.  By the time we finished the final game, the sun was beginning to set and it got pretty chilly.

Monday was our last decent day and now it's been cold, cloudy, and breezy every day.  We have played golf a couple of times, but it hasn't been very enjoyable.  John has gone to the driving range a few times, but most of our time has been spent hanging out around the house watching recorded TV shows and movies.  

This evening I went to Bingo and once again won a couple of games.  Our table had four winners--Darlene, Betty, Jeannie, and myself.  I drove home in a steady downpour with the temps at 35 degrees.  Hopefully we won't get ice on the roads overnight.  

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cold, Rainy Weather

The weather has been cold and rainy for the last two days and that has greatly curtailed outdoor activities.  Since Tuesday is ladies' golf, Kathy, Linda, and I had decided to play nine holes in the morning.   It was grey and misty, but after much discussion, we decided to brave the elements.  Playing was rather wet and messy, but we persevered until the 8th hole when we decided to skip that one and move onto hole nine and call it quits.  We were are pretty cold and damp by then.  John played with John B., Dean, and Wisconsin Jim, and they also gave up after nine holes.

We hung out around the house in the afternoon and attended the potluck meal in the evening.  Cards were played and John ended up the winner of his second game.  He has now won two weeks in a row.  

The cold weather has continued into today, so we have stayed holed up inside.  Chuck E. stopped over this morning to get the mail we picked up for him while he and Lois were out of town for the holidays.  Tomorrow a group of us are going out for lunch and a movie--it will be a nice way to bring in the New Year.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Busy Monday

John and I started our day off with a walk around part of the golf course.  I am slowly expanding my walking distance every week.  The only shoes I can wear comfortably and for any length of time is a pair of Nike sneakers.  The rest of time I wear my Crocs or an old pair of slip-on shoes.  I still can't stand anything tight on the joint where the screw is located.

Following breakfast John headed off to wood carvers.  While he was gone, I straightened up around the house and did some work on the computer.  After he returned home, we headed off to Del Rio for lunch and some grocery shopping.  Since the golf course is closed on Mondays, most folks head to Del Rio, so it wasn't surprising to run into several people from the fort in Wal Mart.

Once we unloaded the groceries at the house, John and I headed over to the RV park for an afternoon of the game Washers.  You pay a quarter and draw a number and are teamed up with the person who draws the same one.  Linda G. and I were together in the first round and won the loser's bracket.  Diane and I went all the way to the final of the second game and lost by one point.  This was the first time we played here at the RV park and it was a great time.  We'll definitely be back next Monday afternoon.