Monday, April 20, 2015

Winter Returns

Today was pretty quiet around as the weather outside was miserable.  The rain turned to a light snow around mid-morning along with very strong winds.  It felt like a January day.

Matt was out and about looking over jobs so he could submit bids and stopped in for a visit.  Since he wasn't in any hurry, he stayed for lunch.  John spent the morning fixing a leaking shut-off valve for the washer and taking care of a couple of other little jobs.  I worked on cleaning out the office files and sorting through all the papers we hauled home from Texas.  We also got some items ready to put on e-bay.  Hopefully I'll get to that job tomorrow as the weather is forecast to stay on the colder side.  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cooler Weather For Now

The beautiful weather we enjoyed our first few days at home has gone.  Rain moved in overnight and the temps dropped down into a more normal range.  We were very happy to see the rain as it will help with the fire danger here in northern Minnesota.

With the wet weather, our day was pretty quiet.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then headed off to church.  This afternoon we just vegged out and watched the PGA on TV.  We were also entertained by this acrobatic squirrel on the bird feeded.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Nice Weather Continued

Our temps have been about 15 degrees above normal, but according to the weather forecast, that is about to change.  Rain and much cooler temps are suppose to arrive sometime this evening.  The warmer weather made it a little easier to adjust to being back in northern Minnesota.

This morning I got the last crate unpacked and now just about everything is put away in it's proper place.  I also spent some time working on a birthday present for one of our grandson's.  John headed into town after lunch to play a round of golf--I opted out as my back as been acting up again.  I go back to Pain Management in a couple of weeks and will then decide if I will have another nerve denervation treatment.

This evening was the Clearbrook/Gonvick High School 2015 prom.  John and I went up to the school where we met up with Matt and Sara to watch the grand march.  The theme for the evening was "Once Upon A Dream" with the gym looking like a scene from Cinderella.  

As each couple was individually introduced, the girl stepped through the castle doorway and was met by her date.  They then strolled down the stone pathway and stopped several times to allow the proud parents to take their picture.

Sam and Ruth

Hanna and Luke

Friday, April 17, 2015

Golfing Again

After looking at the weather forecast seeing high winds predicted for this afternoon, we decided to play a round of golf this morning.  It felt good to be back out on the course and to play on nice fairways and greens.  We get plenty of exercise playing here at home since we walk the course instead of using a golf cart.  

This afternoon John did some cleaning up in his little shop while I did some more unpacking and baked bread.  Since the warmer weather will be here to stay pretty soon, I have been putting away some of the winter clothing and cleaning out closets.  

It's very dry in our area and we desparately need rain as the fire danger is pretty high.  The local fire companies have already been called out several times this last week to put out grass fires.  The strong winds have not helped the situation and make firefighting very difficult.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Another Track Meet

Our plan was to get back into the routine of a morning walk, but when we got up this morning, it was raining, so our walk was canceled.  John had used Matt's trailer to haul our four wheeler home on Wednesday, so following breakfast, he took the trailer back and stayed a while to watch the track videos from Tuesday's meet. 

I managed to get a couple of crates completely emptied and the clothing put away before we ate an early lunch.  By noon the day had turned warm and sunny, so we picked Rachel up at school and then stopped for Matt.  The track meet was held in Bemidji, so we didn't have a long way to go and Sara met us there after her class in Detroit Lakes.  Sam and Hanna had a rough meet--Sam suffered a groin pull in the 100 meter dash and had to drop out of his remaining events.  Hanna miscounted her mile laps thinking she was done after three laps instead of four.  Since she had put her all into the first three laps, she really struggled to finish the race, but finish she did.  We're very proud of her that she didn't quite, but kept going.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Busy Couple of Days

It always takes a while to get back into the routine we have for ourselves here at home and especially to remember where things are in the kitchen.  Tuesday morning I kept busy with laundry--there was a pile left here last fall plus what we brought home from Texas.  While I was taking care of cleaning the clothes, John spent some time checking things out in his little shop and the other buildings.  Everything seems to have survived the winter in good shape.

Matt came down and picked us up around 3 p.m. to head an hour south for a track meet.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and it made for an enjoyable time watching the many different track events.  Hanna ran the mile while Sam ran the 100 meters (2nd place), the 400 meters (5th place) and the 4 x 2 relay (team got 4th).  After the meet, we stopped at McDonald's for a quick meal and then headed back to Bagley.  I took video of the races with my new tablet and while John operated that, I got a few pics of Sam's 400 race.  Sam is in the black uniform with the yellow shoes.

This morning John and I were up and out the door bright and early as we had an 8:30 a.m. appointment at the Chevy dealership to get the car serviced.  Instead of just sitting and waiting for it to get done, we walked over to Home Depot and did a little shopping.  Once the car was finished, we did some banking and then stopped at the new Hobby Lobby which opened while we were gone.  The final stop was Wal Mart for some groceries before hitting the road back to Bagley.  Tomorrow is another track meet, so I hope the weather will co-operate.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Back Home Again

John and I had another early start to the day and made it home by noon.  We made a stop for lunch at Dairy Queen and then the local grocery store to pick up some milk and a few other items to hold us over until we can do some major grocery shopping.  We found that our house had survived the winter just fine and after checking everything over, spent the rest of the afternoon unloading the car and doing some unpacking.

Matt had called last night and invited us to the winter sports banquet at the school this evening.  Both Sam and Hanna received special awards--Sam was All Conference and Hanna was selected to the Conference Second team.  Rachel also had a track meet today (son JD is the junior high track coach) and came in second in the half mile and mile running her best times.  Tomorrow we're off the watch Sam and Hanna run.  Home less than a day and already the rest of the week is full of sporting events and other appointments.

 Sam and Hanna after awards banquet
 Rachel running in her first track meet
Sam and Hanna with their conference awards