Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Cold and Rainy Day

As you can see from the title of today's blog entry, the day was another cold and misty one.  This is the third day we've had to skip our morning walk due to the weather conditions.

John headed off to wood carvers after breakfast and while he was gone I took care of changing bed linens and doing the laundry.  This afternoon we watched some more recorded shows and John did a little more carving on his new project.  He finally decided to brave the elements and headed over to the second hole and did a little practice chipping and putting.  The weather is suppose to warm up a little bit more tomorrow, but that will only last a day or two before we're back to low temps once again.  This has been an unusually cold winter here in south Texas. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cold Rainy Weather Still Hanging Around

Thought I'd take a few minutes and do some catching up on the blog.  The weather here has been cold and rainy, so we have been pretty much housebound this weekend.  All the special activities for Friday were canceled due to the cold weather, so we took a trip to Del Rio to do some shopping and get out of the house.  We did manage to play some golf on Wednesday afternoon and couples' golf was held on Thursday.  That got done just as a major cold front moved into our area dropping the temperature 15 degrees in just a few minutes.  We played with Charles and Vie and ended up in the money in third place.  The weather isn't forecast to improve too much over the next few days, but at least we don't have snow or ice.

We did have a little sign of spring--our Mountain Laurel bush along the patio bloomed last week but the blossoms didn't last long in the cold, windy weather.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cold Weather Returned

A cold front with strong winds was forecast to come through sometime Sunday, but the morning was pleasant enough for our usual walk.  We followed our normal routine of church followed by lunch at the clubhouse and, since the weather was still holding, played a round of golf with Tootie and Roger.  After a little rest, John went back out to play a few more holes and as he was getting started the winds really picked up and the temps began to drop. In the evening we headed back to the RV park for the Sunday Night Movie.

The cold, miserable weather continued into Monday so all outside activities were canceled.  John did go to wood carvers in the morning and then spent his afternoon over at Sam Lark's working on some stairs to their storage area.  I got a new Kindle Tablet and have been busy getting it set up with email, etc.  Following supper, we headed to the service club building to see a travel log of the Miner's trip to Austria and Croatia.

Today was still on the cold side, so the ladies' golf was canceled.  John went out and played some this afternoon, but he did it alone as Paul and John wimped out (along with me).
This evening was potluck at the RV park followed by cards.  John lost both of his games, but I came away a winner.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beautiful Weather Continues

Friday was a full day for us.  It started out with our walk around the golf course and then following breakfast John headed over to Sam Lark's to do some work on a closet  After lunch we played a round of golf and got home just in time to get cleaned up and head over to the RV park for the anual Stone Soup meal.  I ended my day meeting  up with the ladies for Bingo while John watched some college basketball.

This morning it was back to the RV park for the Saturday morning breakfast and then I headed into town to get a haircut and pick up the mail.  By now the temps were on the rise, so it was tee shirts and shorts for playing golf.  John B., Paul, John and I only played nine holes before calling it quits for lunch.  Our friend Ralph R. turned 92 this week and wanted to be able to say he golfed at that age.  John and Paul played nine holes with Ralph this afternoon.

Raph and Paul

Late this afternoon we Skyped with Amy and then went over to Rodger and Tootie's for some homemade ice cream made by Gene B.  We had a fun evening sitting around the fire and visiting.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Little Break In The Action

Wednesday was clear but still a little on the cooler side.  Following our morning walk John headed off to men's golf where his team tied for first place.  When the guys finished, Paul E. came to pick me up so I could play the back nine with John and a couple of others.  Even though it was sunny, the wind was pretty stiff and by the time we finished, I had a sore throat and earache that lasted overnight.  I think allergies are causing the problem as I just finished an antibiotic on Monday and was told it would stay in my system for a week longer.

We decided to skip couples' golf today and went to Del Rio for breakfast at McDonald's and some shopping.  We picked up some groceries at Wal Mart, washed and gassed up the car, and made a final stop at SAS Factory Outlet Store for a few pairs of socks.  After lunch John played a round of golf with Paul while I just vegged out at home.  My sore throat comes and goes, so I'll just have to see what happens over the next couple of days.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cold Morning Turned Into NiceDay

This morning was a little on the chilly side when we took our walk, so we  bundled up in heavy sweatshirts and moved at a brisk pace.  Most of the folks John and I golf with on Tuesday mornings went on a tour of the Port of Entry in Del Rio, so there was no golfing for us.  John took a quick trip into town to get the mail and stopped over at Wallace's to do some cutting on his next carving project.  While he was gone, I took care of some finances on the the computer.

I was originally scheduled to get a haircut today, but my appointment got postponed until Saturday morning.  Since the weather cleared and it turned into a pretty nice afternoon, John and I decided to play the back nine of the course.  For the first time ever I birdied a hole.  After that, my game rather fell apart, but at least I had one bright shining moment.

This evening was potluck at the RV park and cards.  John won his first game and lost the second.  My table had a long first game, so I only played one tonight but made it to the final three people left.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Cold Weather Returns

This morning we were up bright and early for our morning walk as John had to be at wood carvers by 9 a.m.  The sky was overcast and the temperature was 59 degrees.  We were only back home a little while when the winds came up and the thermometer read 47 degrees.  The cold front in the forecast had arrived and hung around all day.

While John was carving, I changed the bed linens and did some work on the computer.  Following lunch, John headed back over to the RV park to help out with a workday.  Quite a few folks showed up to replace a couple of picnic table tops, paint, and do some general cleaning up.  I spent a couple of hours with Melinda E. on her computer helping her with a birthday project for her grandson.  

The remainder of our afternoon was spent inside keeping warm and watching some recorded shows.  It was just too chilly for outside acitivites.