Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Busy Day

This morning John and I were up and out the door bright and early  headed in different directions.  John went to play a round of golf while I drove to Bemidji to get the car serviced.  Since we will be driving to the east coast in a couple of weeks, we wanted to get the car checked over, the oil changed, and tires rotated.  While the car was in the shop, I walked across the road and spent and hour or so browsing through Target and making a couple of purchases.  I returned to the dealership to find the car ready to go.  My next stop was the clinic to get the stitches in my arm removed.  The nurse said the report for the biopsy came back negative for any cancer cells.  I stopped at the mall where I did a little shopping.  From 
there it was on to BK for a quick lunch and then back on the road home.

John spent some time working on the firewood pile.  He picked up the splitter last night, so he spent some time splitting the larger logs.  The woodshed is just about full.  It's always nice to have that wood cut and ready for winter.  Both Matt and JD have their sheds full and are ready for the cold weather.  Hopefully it will be quite a while before we have to start burning wood.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Golfing Again

It was pretty foggy when we left the house to play a round of golf this morning.  By the time we made it to the course, the fog had lifted enough for us to see where we were hitting our balls.  We both had good shots interspersed with quite a few poor ones.  

Since the day was partly cloudy, John went out to cut more firewood when the sun hid behind the clouds.  I kept busy working on our trip east by marking out our route and making some motel reservations.  After supper, John headed up to Matt's to pick up the wood splitter so he can get to splitting some of the bigger logs.  That was pretty much how our time was spent today.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Busy Morning

John and I were up bright and early but not for golf.  This morning he had a doctor's appointment for his annual physical.  We arrived at the clinic right on time, but they were very busy with sports physicals and were running a little late.  We finally got out of there and headed over to McDonald's for some breakfast; however, they were finished with breakfast, so we headed across the street to Perkins.

After eating, we ran some errands and made a final stop at Wal Mart for a few groceries.  We were standing in the fruit section when we saw Dave and Valada Sandwick walk into the store.  The next half hour was spent visiting and catching up on how things are going at Fort Clark.

This afternoon John picked some green beans from our garden and we ate some for supper this evening.  The weather has not been the greatest for gardens this year and everything is coming later than usual.

Had some bad news from Gillett, Wy. this evening.  Grandson Caleb broke his ankle in football practice this morning, so his season is over before it even began.  Looks like we won't be watching any football in Wyoming this fall--we'll only have Noah's soccer this year.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cooler Today

We were up bright and early yesterday so we could get a round of golf in before it got too warm and the course got crowded.  We missed out on both.  It was so humid we were both very hot and tired by the sixth hole.  It seems like most folks had the same idea about getting out early.  There were golfers on every hole, so that meant you had to keep moving right along.  Since the humidity hung around all day, we stayed inside and enjoyed the AC.

Today the temps were cooler but we still had the humidity, though it was a little lower.  After church we hung out around the house watching both the PGA and LPGA on TV.  John did slip outside for awhile to do some firewood cutting, but even though it was overcast, he still worked up a sweat.  I baked some bread this afternoon and got a few things ready to put on ebay.  Susie called from California and said the newlyweds are doing well and that she will be working fulltime as an aid in a combined fourth and fifth grade class.  Jesse and Maggie will be going to Bradshaw while Isaac will be taking classes at the local college.  Their family is going to be very busy come the last week of August.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hot and Humid Today

Today's weather forecast called for higher temps and humidity, so we decided to beat the heat and get out to the golf course nice and early once again.  My round was very eratic today with missed shots and generally lousy holes.  Finally, my game came around and I played well on the last two holes.  John also had a few problems getting off good tee shots.  I hope we got all that poor play out of our systems and we have a better round tomorrow.

We were sitting out on the porch resting after our golf outing when Matt called and asked if we were going to be home as he would bring down Rachel's volleyball schedule.  He arrived a little later and ended up staying through lunch.  It was enjoyable just visiting with him for hours instead of a few minutes here and there.  

By the time Matt left, it was getting pretty warm out on the porch, so we turned on the AC and pretty much vegged out for the rest of the day.  We did spend some time looking at the road atlas trying to plan out our next road trip to the east coast in September.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Nice Day

Things have been pretty quiet around with nothing unusual happening.  John and I played golf yesterday morning and then he cut more firewood while I took care of several things in the house.

This morning John was up bright and early to play another round of golf.  He is determined to get his money's worth of golfing this summer.  I begged off as my back was a little on the sore side from golfing three days in a row.  When he returned home, he did some cleaning up in the backyard.  Just as he was finishing, Matt and Hanna pulled into the driveway.  They were returning the trailer borrowed the other day and, after getting it unhooked, stopped in the house for a quick visit.  Sam has started football practice, so the main topic of conversation was football.  Hanna is going to be the team manager this year.  The volleyball and fottball seasons will be starting in a couple weeks, so we'll be pretty busy going to the games.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pickle Making

It was a beautiful cool morning, so John and I decided to head into town for another round of golf.  I should have stayed home as I played so poorly.  I couldn't hit the ball right no matter how hard I tried--at least I got some exercise.  On the drive down our road we noticed several of the trees had yellow leaves.  The shortening daylight hours are beginning to bring changes to our area.  It probably won't be too long before the hummingbirds and others begin their migration south.  We have five hummingbirds coming to the feeder by the kitchen window and it has been fun watching them fight each other over who is going to eat first.

After a little rest, John went out back and cut more firewood.  While he was doing that, Matt and Hanna arrived.  Matt wanted to borrow our trailer and while the guys were getting it ready, Hanna came inside and visited with me for a bit.

After a very slow start, our garden is finally beginning to yield some produce.  Today we made our first batch of pickles--dill chips.  John is anxious to give them a try.