Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pretty Quiet

Our weather has been cloudy and on the cool side for August with the temps dropping into the low 40's at night and only hitting the upper 60's during the day.  It sure makes it hard for the many tomatoes in our garden to ripen.  The peppers and cucumbers are doing great, but those tomatoes are driving us crazy.

John has been playing golf every morning and seems to be improving his game.  The injection I received at the doctor's earlier in the week has really helped my foot, but I'm not quite sure I'm ready to walk nine holes on the course.

We have been busy getting things around the house under control before we leave on our trip next Thursday.  John mowed the lawn again today and has been working on getting the garden weed free.  I'm trying to keep the laundry current and working on sorting through what we need to take.  This evening Matt, Hanna, and Rachel stopped at the local drive-in, picked up some supper, and then came down to our place to eat it.  Since Sam was on a date and Sara was working at the hospital, they decided to visit with us for a while.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pickles and Golf

John went off bright and early to play a round of golf.  He is determined to get the most out the dues we payed back in May.  Right now a round of golf is costing him about $4.50.  I opted out once again as I am having trouble with my right foot.  Arthritis has settled into the big toe joint causing a good sized bunion.  I had called the podietrist last week, but couldn't get an appointment until the end of September.  On Monday I had tripped on the golf course and stepped right on the foot that was giving me pain--after that dumb move, the pain was off the charts and I couldn't walk without it, let alone wear shoes for very long.  Since we will start our trip east next week and will be gone for a while, I called the podietrist's office to see if they could fit me in and maybe get a steroid injection.  The receptionist was so friendly and helpful and found a cancellation for 11:30 this morning.  She told me to come at 11:00 since the doctor wanted an x-ray of my foot before seeing me in the office.  After looking over the x-rays, the doctor said the bones in my foot were pushed out of place and, since it will only get worse, he recommended foot surgery, so I'm scheduled for September 25 as that will give me enough time to get healed up before leaving for Texas.  Before I left, he gave me a steroid injection in the hopes that would help ease the pain over the next several weeks.  We got all the pre-op appointments set up before we left the clinic and then headed to BK for a quick lunch before stopping at Target for a few groceries.

When we returned home, we got busy getting cucumbers washed, cut up, and put into jars along with some hot brine.  After processing, we have seven jars of dill strips.  Once the pickles were done, we attacked the green beans and got them blanched, bagged, and into the freezer.  We're all caught up with the garden produce for now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Pretty Cool Morning

John was up early to play golf, but one look at the thermometer told him he needed to wear long pants.  The temperature was 41 degrees at the start of our day with high's only reaching into the low 60's by the afternoon.  I opted out of golfing and stayed home to get more of the Legos sorted and ready for ebay.

We found the food processor we ordered last week sitting on the porch when we got home last night, so we gave it a tryout this afternoon by chopping up cucumbers.  It did a great job and we ended up making a batch of sweet relish.  The entire process was much faster and easier with this new appliance, so it's definitely a keeper.  This evening following supper, I headed up to Sara's for a haircut while John stayed busy at home watering the garden.  It seems most of the heavier rains have bypassed our area, so things have gotten pretty dry.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fall Day

The high humidity continued yesterday, so after church I hung out around the house working on sorting our old Legos and getting them photographed and ready to put on ebay after we return from the East Coast.  I'm hoping folks will be thinking of possible Christmas gifts and might be looking for some vintage Legos.  While I was busy with the Legos, John headed up to JD's place and helped John and Joanne erect a trellis for their grape vines.  John had given them a couple of shoots in the spring and they have taken root and growing quickly.

A cold front went through last night and the humidty finally moved out.  In its wake came much cooler temps (highs in the low 60's) and strong winds.  It really felt like a fall day, but perfect for playing golf.  Once we were back home, I packaged up the items I sold on ebay last week.  I dropped them off on my way to Bemidji for a doctor's appointment--it was my turn for my annual physical.  As soon as I was finished, I drove back home where an hour and a half later John and I returned to Bemidji for some quick grocery shopping, supper at BK, and then on to Blackduck for Rachel's first volleyball game of the season.  The eighth grade Bears were winners tonight--two games to one.  We stayed and watched the varsity play a couple of games, but decided to head home as it was getting late and we both had a busy day.

 Rachel returning vollies


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Football Scrimmage Today

John was up bright and early so he could get in a round of golf before the course got busy.  It was extremely humid this morning, so I opted to stay at home and I was glad I did as he said it was just steamy and not too enjoyable playing.

The Clearbrook Bears football team was invited to play in the Top of the State Conference Football Jamboree this afternoon.  The event was held in Argyle, MN which is about two hours north of us.  We left home around 11:30 a.m. and stopped for lunch at a Subway along the route.  We were half through our subs when Matt and Sara walked in and joined us.  Since Matt knew the way to the football field in Argyle, we just followed him the rest of the way.

There were nine teams involved in the jamboree.  Most of these schools will play each other sometime during the season.  The regular playing and practice fields were divided into two fields each so multiple scrimmages could be held at the same time.  For each scrimmage, the offense had 15 plays and then the defense did the same.  There was no tackling allowed of the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage--the defensive player just had to touch him.  I think they had this rule to keep the quaterbacks from getting injured before the season started, which for most schools, is next week.

The Bears played well with no turnovers and only one or two fumbles.  There are a few areas that need a little tweaking, but overall I think the coaches were happy with how the kids played.

On the way home, we stopped at McDonald's for supper, and once again Matt and Sara ended up eating with us.  We were just about done our meals when the bus arrived with the Bears team.  After briefly visiting with Sam and Hanna (she's the team's manager) we hit the road home.

Sam #7 playing Quarterback

Friday, August 22, 2014

Work Day

There was no golfing again today because John was up and out bright and early to help Matt install a door.  While it was nice and quiet around here this morning, I was able to get some more cleaning done without interruptions.  I also got started on packing for our trip east--we'll be staying in a rental house in Ocean City, NJ, so we have to bring our own sheets, towels, beach towels, etc.  I got all of that packed this morning. 

John returned home early in the afternoon and did some weeding in the garden before calling it a day and relaxing in the AC.  Tomorrow afternoon we'll be heading north to watch Sam's football scrimmage.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Relish Today

It was our intent to play golf this morning, but the weather didn't co-operate.  The sky was overcast and the forecast called for thunderstorms, so we thought it best not to venture out to the course.

Instead of golfing, John did some more cutting, splitting, and stacking of firewood while I did some cleaning and laundry.   The garden finally yielded enough cucumbers, onions, and peppers for us to make our first batch of relish.  It took quite a bit of chopping from both of us, but we finally got enough ingredients for seven jars.  It was a unanimous decision to invest in a food processor as our hands are just too arthritic to be pounding on a food chopper.  The new gadget should be here before we have enough produce from the garden to make more relish.

Update from Wyoming--Caleb saw the orthopedic surgeon today and is now wearing a big, black air cast on his foot.  He will be on crutches for at least the next three weeks and hopefully back to normal in about six or seven.  At least he won't have to unload the dishwasher for a long time.