Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Better Weather Today

Our weather was much cooler with less humidity today thanks to the very strong thunderstorms and winds (60 mph) that came through our area around 9:15 p.m. last night.  We must have been on the south edge of the front because folks north of us received 6 inches of rain and had power outages.  Our garden made it through okay--I thought for sure the tomato and pepper plants would be flat this morning.

John headed off bright and early to play another round of golf and I spent the morning in bed icing and resting my back.  I felt good enough this afternoon to head to Bemidji for some much needed grocery shopping.  We also stopped at Menards to purchase of fence charger so John can install an electric fence around the garden--he wants to be sure the deer can't get in again.  I am still being very careful about what I do and continue to rest and ice my back.  I'm almost certain the problem is with the back muscles and they just need to recover.  


Monday, July 21, 2014

Out Of Commission

I haven't written on the blog because right now there isn't much to talk about with us.  The weather has turned very hot and humid, so we have been hanging out around the house most of the day.  We did get some golf in on Friday before the temps rose, but that's about it.

I finally got the last of my fair photos ordered and the ones I have are now all matted, framed, and ready for entry day.  John got his wood carving painted (I'll post a picture later), so he's also ready to go.  As to the title of this blog, my back is out again.  I don't know what happened.  Got up Sunday morning, showered and dressed for church, and then came downstairs and sat at the counter to eat breakfast.  When I went to stand up I was in intense pain and now have spent the last two days laying in bed.  I'm not sure if it's muscles or something in my spine.  I'm going to see how it goes for another day and, if it doesn't improve, call Pain Management and see what they say.  At least John and I managed to get the peach jam done before I was completely down and out.  Even though the early morning temps were in the low 70's, John headed into town for a round of golf.  He said there were only two other people on the course (I wonder why, with the heat index near 100)  By the time he reached the last hole he was ready to call it a morning.  I must say he's committed to the game of golf, or else he's just plain crazy.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lazy Days

The warm weather returned along with some humidity.  John and I played golf first thing yesterday morning so we could get a round in before it got too hot.  The fast greens took a toll on our putting and neither one of us could make a putt.  We both had a few good shots and several "Yikes" shots.  You know, those shots that are pretty bad and make you look like you've never played the game before.
 In the afternoon, I worked some more on fair photos while John worked in the garden clearing out the weeds.  

This mornng John decided to play golf again, but I opted out.  I need a day between rounds to give my back a chance to recover.  When he returned home he said he played much better today.  I spent most of my day clearing the desktop in the office.  I needed to pay a few bills, enter all the receipts from our trip into the computer, and get everything sorted and filed away.  It feels good to finally have that job out of the way.  I'm hoping the peaches I bought the other day will finally be ripe enough to make some jam tomorrow.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cool Weather Continues

The past couple of days have felt more like fall than summer with the temps at night dipping down into the 40's and the daytime highs only reaching the low 60's.  It's definitely been sweatshirt weather instead of tee shirts.

John has been busy working with Matt and Sam yesterday and today putting steel roofing on the addition their building.  While he has been busy with them, I have been deciding on photos for the fair, getting them printed, and deciding how to display them.  The fair is a week earlier this year, so I only have two weeks to get everything assembled and ready to display. The local grocery store ran a sale on peaches, so while I was in town this morning, I picked up a lug of them.  We hope to get some jam made and possibly can a few jars.  John got finished with Matt this afternoon, so maybe we'll be able to get a round of golf in tomorrow.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cool and Windy Sunday

John and I slept in for quite a while this morning as we're still in the recovery mode from our long hours on the road coming home from the West Coast.

Once we managed to get ourselves up and eat some breakfast, John headed out to his garden to do some more weeding--he thinks it's finally under control once again.  Since the deer ate the strawberries in the garden, we purchased a flat of them of them the other evening while in Bemidji.  We spent the rest of the morning making a couple of batches of jam and after lunch headed into town to play a round of golf.  It was a little on the cool side with some pretty strong winds, so there weren't too many folks out on the course. It felt more like mid-September than mid-July.

We spent a pretty quiet evening watching a couple of favorvite TV shows before calling it a day.  John has to be up bright and early to lend a hand to Matt and Sam at their job site.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Back In The Routine

John and I have spent the last couple of days getting unpacked and settling back into our normal routine.  Yesterday John spent the majority of his day working out in the garden trying to salvage what he could from the deer rampage.  Our tomato plants look a little shakey, but he feels that's because the weather has been cool and cloudy. I have been spending my time sorting through photos to enter in the fair.  It's a week earlier this year and since we were gone so long, I have gotten a little behind in fair preparations this summer.

Today John and Matt went to watch Sam play in a 7 On 7 touch football competition.  The guys ended up in fifth place out of 10 teams representing the different high schools in the area.

 This evening Joannne had both sets of grandparents up to their place for supper to celebrate Julie's 9th birthday.  As you can see from the photo below, she really likes her lovely gifts of money.

Our weather has been a little on the warm side, but this evening a front came blowing through and we needed to put on our hooded sweatshirts.  The forecast for Monday is actually saying the words "cold weather" with possible frost in some parts of Minnesota.  Hope it's not here.  Our garden couldn't take another hit.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Home Again and Back Into the Old Routine

After three long days on the road from Sacramento, we pulled into our driveway early Tuesday evening.  I must say it felt good to be  back in the cooler temps of northern Minnesota after the extreme heat of California.

We weren't home very long before Matt called and asked John if he could provide an extra pair of hands on his current job.  He would only need him for a an hour or so.

Bright and early Wednesday morning John headed out to help Matt and I began the task of unpacking the suitcases and sorting through what needed to be washed and what could be put right away.  When John returned home, he spent the rest of his day mowing and trimming the lawn and weeding the flowerbeds.  We discovered a bit of a problem with the garden--the deer attacked the grape vines and stipped them down to the bare vines.  They also managed to snip off the strawberries and beans.  We have never had a problem with the deer bothering the garden in the past, but I think with us being gone for almost three weeks, it was pretty quiet around here and they discovered our garden.  

Today John went back and worked with Matt for a few hours this morning while I attacked the large pile of laundry.  Following a quick lunch, we headed into town to play a round of golf.  The weather was pretty nice, but we're not use to the humidty after spending the past couple of weeks where there is almost none.  When we returned home, we got cleaned up and then headed into Bemidji to restock the pantry.  Just about everything from our trip is put away and now we need to get back into our regular routine.